I love bourbon, literally everything about it. There is almost no better time spent than sitting with a dram of something special, it’s syrupy, oaken sugar nose inviting you in for a taste. The way it rolls over your taste buds in hot explosive waves, the heats your core like a fireplace on a cold winters night.

I’m on a journey to taste, review and experience epic bourbons, and weave my tasting notes into an entertaining story. This is not a simple tasting or review. Epic bourbon deserves an epic write-up. They can get long, if the poetry is happy and I’ve had a few drams. But if I can sip it and craft my words and phrases as lovingly and carefully as Jim Rutledge and the other pillars of distilling have crafted their bourbon, then maybe I can help heighten your appreciation for the most epic drink.  I will focus on bourbon you can’t find anywhere, as well as bourbon you can find in stores. Vintage expressions, rare releases, gift shop treasures and shelf gold, I will sample them all.  I’ll do my best to decipher each flavor, describe the nuance of each pour, and immerse your mind in the moment, all within the context of a great conversation or story.

Consider this place an extension of my home, and I’m inviting you in. So pour out and sit a while, won’t you?

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