The Gift of Bourbon for Father’s Day

Ditch the World’s Greatest Dad mug and toss those Lowe’s gift cards!

For Father’s Day, I know I couldn’t think of a better gift than bourbon! And while a nice 22yr old Willett Family Estate (this actually happened once) or some bonded Old Fitzgerald from the 1950’s (this will never happen) would surely make dad’s heart flutter, you don’t have to blow a mortgage payment. There is a great bottle of bourbon, readily available and affordable for every relationship dynamic.


While it’s true that some dads don’t drink bourbon, at least not to the extent that many of us do (put mine in that category) the fact remains that if you are looking for one of the ultimate gifts for your dad, to show him you recognize the man he is and the son or daughter he helped you to become, a nice bottle of Kentucky’s finest sends that message. Even if he doesn’t gulp it like a Medieval King horsing down a full horn of wine, running down his beard and cloak into his plate of unseasoned semi-raw fowl (basically the way I drank the 22yr WFE to my wife’s astonishment), the bottle will still occupy a place of honor on his mantle.

Here is a list of bottles that should be available on a shelf near you, and the perfect pairing for what you want to say to your Dad. In putting this list together, I’ve saved you time of bobbing around foot to foot in the bourbon aisle, trying to pick something.

The “Dad, thanks for not telling mom that time I stole and crashed the neighbors car in high school…” bottle:
Rebel Yell 10 Year Old ($50 – Widely Available)

The “Dad, thanks for that time you loaned me money because I blew my rent buying a vintage BMX bicycle.” bottle:
Four Roses Single Barrel ($50 – Widely Available)
BONUS – If he loaned you a bunch on money and you blew it on another bike, or if he loaned you money multiple times, spring for the Private Selection OBSK/OBSV. ($75 – Moderate Availability)

The “Dad, thanks. You were right about him/her.” bottle:
Michter’s 10yr Rye ($120 – Limited Availability)

The “Dad, thanks for not noticing the footprints in the windshield all those times.” bottle:
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof ($50 – Moderate Availability)

The “Dad, thanks for letting me win.” bottle:
Knob Creek Private Selection ($40 – Widely Available)

The “Dad, remember that time you got into a fist fight with the neighbor because I told you he cussed at me? That didn’t happen.” bottle:
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel ($60 – Moderate Availability)

The “Dad, thanks for teaching me the hard lessons.” bottle:
Weller 12 yr ($40 – Limited Availability)

The “Dad, thanks for ignoring all the stupid things I said.” bottle:
Old Forester 1920 ($60 – Widely Available)

The “Dad, thanks for whipping my ass now and again.” bottle:
Bookers ($60 – Widely Available)

The “Dad, thanks for taking me fishing, followed by a stop at Long John Silvers.” bottle:
Old Weller Antique Private Selection ($40 – Moderate Availability)

The “Dad, you are my best friend.” bottle:
Any bottle you sit down and open with him, sharing your love of bourbon and blending it with your love of your dad. Priceless and widely Available!

Happy Father’s Day!


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