Rest in peace, Parker…

There are those of us that simply love to enjoy bourbon. There are but a few special men and women, whose knowledge, skill, taste and opinion make our enjoyment possible. Among the humble  fraternity of Master Distillers, there are giants. Parker Beam was a giant among giants. He was so many things to so many people, even if they didn’t know it. Like a great friend, he was there.

For every person celebrating a significant or pivotal life moment with a dram of Heaven Hill distilled bourbon, Parker was there.

For every father celebrating the birth of his newborn with a pour of Parker’s Heritage Collection, Parker was there.

For every toast between a new husband and his brother-in-law with a pour of Elijah Craig, Parker was there.

For every man sinking the pain of every day life with a pour, Parker was there.

Someday when people are cured of ALS, through his effort of using bourbon to raise awareness and money, Parker will be there.

Mourn for a moment. Then celebrate the man.

So many of us were so lucky that he was there.

Rest in peace, Parker.


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