Quick Take – Rebel Yell 10 Year Single Barrel

Let me start this off by getting right to the point.  I really enjoy the Rebel Yell 10yr Single Barrel.

There, I said it.

I’ve gotten hammered a couple time recently for not recommending bourbon’s that were more readily available, keeping in mind the consumer.  Well, let the record be set straight…..

In a world dominated by prices that escalate quicker than Chuck Yeager climbing through the clouds in the Bell X1 to break the sound barrier, its extremely refreshing to come across a release that is:

  1. Age stated (a decade old).
  2. Single barrel.
  3. Wheated

At a time when age statements have disappeared for the sake of product quantity rather than quality, those three items are great attributes to have, and lately would come with a 3 digit price tag.  But Rebel Yell doesn’t.  That’s the really great thing.  All of that, and it’s $50-ish bucks.  It’s a lot better than many bourbon’s that are on the shelf for 2 or 3 times as much.

Plus, it comes in the cool box, that has the particulars about the bottle right there for the world to see, including descriptive tasting notes.  That’s great for someone new who is just getting into bourbon and is trying to decipher the various components.  My first thought was that since this one wasn’t a barrel proofer, it would have to deliver.

Let me add this, Rebel Yell 10yr Single Barrel straight up delivers.

In truth, it delivered beyond what I expected. This is a refrain that has been echoed by many of my bourbon drinking friends who’s palates I trust.


S0, for the pour:

The nose smacks with with a classic tobacco profile, dark fruits slathered in vanilla, with a quick splash of molasses.  The fact that this has lived it’s life in the rickhouses atop Heaven Hill is plainly evident.

The mouthfeel is solid, oaky, but not out of control.  Infact, this bottle has a lot of nice manners. I drank it neat, and at 100 proof I see no reason for anyone to dumb this one down with spring water.  It’s perfect on its own.

The flavor rides out of the nose, with a caramelized oaken goodness.  Yes, the caramel is rather forward at first.  Then another shot of that delicious vanilla.  This one is decidedly vanilla forward through it’s phases, and I have absolutely no problem with that.  There is a balanced sweetness that provides a sort of continuity as the pour evolves on your taste buds.  There is no astringency, no acrid bite.  But there is a spiciness; more of a nutmeg or cinnamon, and less of a jalapeno. There is also a little citrus component floating in the mix that was mysterious.

The finish is controlled, not necessarily an uncoiled burn, but more of a heat.  A warmth that wraps the side of my tongue and down the back of the palate.

Overall, it’s just good flavorful bourbon.  It’s awesome for sipping while you are sitting around a warm firepit in the backyard on a chilly December night (we have those in the south), or at a great steak dinner.  This is a bottle that I would recommend to anyone, and would certainly give as a gift (if you need Christmas ideas.)  It also looks pretty damn nice in the cabinet.

This bottle could very easily be a daily drinker for me.  I give it an A.

Drink this, not that:  If you have your choice between Rebel Yell, Bookers or Blanton’s, go with Rebel Yell 10yr Single Barrel.  Especially at these prices.




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