Thoughts on Rye….

Rye…….When I was a boy I spent summers at Mamaw and Papaw’s house. The lived 45 mins north of Louisville, Kentuckiana they called it. They were simple people, and even in 1985 they did not have indoor plumbing. Mamaw cooked on the same woodburning stove that heated their little house. Summers were hot. Unless it rained there was no way to shower. Papaw had a rolling cart in his bedroom with lots of colognes and deoderants on it. One time in particular I wanted to be a man, and I slapped on some Brut from a dusty green bottle. The cap fell off and I was drenched, head to toe in pungent, nostril burning, gag inducing stink. It was in my eyes and mouth. Its a flavor I will never forget. Its what Rye tastes like to me.

I tried Mid Winter Nights Dram tonight. Its good Brut.


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